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GAA Future Leaders

We have been extremely fortunate this year and have the opportunity for the whole Transition Year to participate in the GAA Future Leaders Module. With many events such as Junk Kouture and the T.Y. Musical not going ahead this year, it has been replaced with this exciting module. The GAA Course takes place every Thursday morning for the first three classes. The students will have many opportunities to take part in events within this module that are within the Covid-19 restrictions. 
For this module, you are not with your form class. This is to help people in T.Y. to mix with more people and allows everyone to make more friends. One of the key events in the GAA Future Leaders Module is, as part of the Event Management aspect, every class will organise an event for the first years. Obviously, this year will of course be different in comparison to other years, but we will work with what we have. This event requires a huge amount of leadership skills and we will be able to show off what we…

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